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The Turbine Seawind

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful airplanes ever designed is the Seawind amphibian. The Seawind is a four-place, amphibious experimental airplane which was sold in kit form by Seawind, L.L.C. (formerly Seawind North America).  No longer available in kit form, Seawind, L.L.C. is in the process of obtaining certification for its Seawind 300C production aircraft.  The Seawind 300C is based on the Seawind 3000 kit (pictured below).

This web site is dedicated to the Seawind, and to the pioneers involved in the development of the turbine-powered Seawind.  The turbine-powered Seawind concept was born within the hearts of a few incredible men who knew they could take an already fantastic aircraft design and make it better.


Of course, better is subject to opinion — and opinions abound.  But the Seawind (kit) is an experimental aircraft, and is therefore available for the imagination and creativity of those who wish to experiment with its design and construction.

Here you will read about turbine-powered Seawinds.  Projects include Seawinds powered by Allison tubines and Pratt & Whitney turbines.

Recently completed PT-6 powered Seawind kit #153 is now being flight-tested.  Utilizing some of the design research undertaken by Bud Gustin, preliminary results indicate that this is a great performing aircraft.

This web site will be updated regularly as more information is gathered about Seawinds from around the world.  I hope you will find the site interesting and informative.

The International Seawind Pilots Association (ISPA) has a great web site for learning about the Seawind. Of particular interest to those new to the Seawind is The Creelman Page which tells of the origins of the Seawind, including ealry sketches and photos.  See the link here in the sidebar to the for the ISPA main page.  Also check out the Turbine Seawinds page, listed in the "About" drop-down menu on the ISPA site.



The name "Seawind" is used by this web site to designate a brand of experimental kit airplane purchased from Seawind, L.L.C. (formerly SNA). "turbineseawind.com" is not affiliated with Seawind, L.L.C. in any way. The name "Turbine Seawind" is used to designate a Seawind kit airplane which has been converted to utilize a turbine engine — a modification which is not approved by Seawind, L.L.C.  The Seawind kit is sold exclusively by SNA, Inc. The web site, "turbineseawind.com" is not sponsored by, approved by, or affiliated in any way with SNA, Inc. or Seawind, L.L.C.